Thursday, December 1, 2011

The girl behind the blog...

Hello :) My name is Grace....Grace Elizabeth Nickols to be exact. I am the writer/founder/girl that reviews awesome things at GraciesReviews. I thought I would tell you about myself so you don't just think that I am some crazy person reviewing things. :)

So here we go...I am 14, I live in Strafford, Missouri, I have brown hair and brown eyes, and I have one sister named Lydia.

My favorite color is pink...duh! 
I love music...all bands...all types. 
I play the piano.
I play tennis.
I am a swimmer :)
I absolutely love to read.
I adore fashion.
I am a christian :D
I love my chickens....Hen, Cleo, Esther, Athena. 
I love my church life group.
I have some amazing friends...including one boy who reads my blog and makes fun of it (Elijah Horton) :)


Haha I hope you enjoyed..learning about me! Have a great day :) Love, Grace Elizabeth Nickols :)

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