Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Peter Pan Collar

As a little girl I loved Tinker Bell, but who didn't! She was a magical fairy who could make all of your dreams come true, an adorable style, a free spirit and of course an amazing ability to whip those boys in shape. Well, move over Tink, because Peter Pan has something you don't this season...and amazing, fabulous, eye-catching collar. Peter Pan collars, or as some people call them "Pilgrim Collars," are a great addition to any outfit!

You could bold with these bright colored shirts from Modcloth with the signature collar:  

If your looking for something a little more simple here are some neutral colored Peter Pan collared shirts from Modcloth:

For those of you who love dresses like me here are some fantastic dress ideas of course with the collar:

Here are some great pictures and ideas of how to wear your Peter Pan collar from my Pinterest account! Follow me at http://pinterest.com/gracenickols/
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I hope you all enjoyed reading about my love for Peter Pan collars! Comment and tell me what you think! Love, Grace Elizabeth Nickols  xoxo :)

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