Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring Fashion Sensations

Spring Styles

This Spring, pastels are huge. Light, flirty colors are taking over the run way and taking over the store fronts today. Not only are pastels big in women's fashions, but also in men's! Check it out!

Second row from left to right: Hawkings McGill Cutoff Chino Short, Pastel Blue Oxford Shirt,  Aldo Suede Blue Bucks.
Another big Spring trend is prints. Everything from printed dresses to printed shorts! Check it out! 
Clockwise from left to right (bottom row): Sailboat Dress, Printed Bird Skirt, Ice Cream Shorts, Printed Bird Shirt. 
One thing I love to do, especially in the Spring, is to take inspiration from some of my favorite movie characters. Kara Hayward, who play's Suzy in Moonrise Kingdom, has an adorable style. Check it out! 
Courtesy of: Rookie Mag
For my last Spring style, I have to mention everything floral. Floral print has always been big, but with fashion taking a look back at the 60's and the 70's it's really taken off again. Check it out!
Clockwise from left to right (bottom row): Topshop Tapestry Dress, Rose Garden Striped Leggings, Black Ink Floral Print Sheer Shirt, Topshop Floral Print Shorts.
Here are some other great Springs styles to check out! 
 summer style-love that top! Loving her simple, neutral look. A removable collar and neutral bag can really pull a look together!Loafersfall colors

I hope you all enjoyed reading about Spring styles. Have a wonderful day. Love, Grace Elizabeth Nickols...xoxo :)

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