Monday, August 8, 2011

Are you fashion ready for school?

With school right around the corner it is time for some mega shopping. I will show you three outfits that are fit for punk/skater, preppy/cheerleader, and casual/chic.

First we will start with punk/skater. Being punk does not mean you have to dress like you are goth and summoning demons. It just means you have a different more flashy style than other people. Here is an outfit that I think fits this category: 


Now when I put preppy/cheerleader I am not saying that all cheerleaders are preppy but just describing a style. This style is about looking expensive on a budget. All people can not afford to buy a 400 dollar coach bag or 200 dollar true religion jeans. But with brands that make the most of your money you can look good for a fraction of the cost. 

Miss Me Zig Zag Skinny Stretch Jean

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