Friday, August 12, 2011

Music :D

The time has come for my favorite topic, like ever. MUSIC! There are so many bands I could talk about, but you guys would probably get bored if I listed like 30 bands so I won't do that.

The first band that I love is Owl City. Owl City is made up of well one person! Adam Young.
Some of you might know his super famous song Fireflies. Recently Owl City came out with a new album, All Things Bright and Beautiful. It has some amazing songs including Galaxies and Alligator Sky. 
Alligator Sky

One of my all time favorite singers is Selena Gomez so of course I absolutely love her band Selena Gomez and the Scene. They have had two records with Disney and then recently they came out with When the Sun goes Down which is not a Disney record. 
I Love You Like a Love Song
Who Says
We Own The Night

Paramore is one of my all time favorite bands. It is not a normal cookie cutter group. With a heavy punk influence and rock genre there songs are amazing. There last album, Brand New Eyes was there best selling album to date. 
The Only Exception

Here are some other songs that I like who's artist are not in bands :) 

Some of you guys might not like Rebecca Black but I think she is a pretty good singer and I really like her new song. 
My Moment

Demi Lovato has had a hard year. After getting out of rehab for and eating disorder she wrote this beautiful, powerful song.

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  1. I love it Grace! Remember when we watched 'My Moment'. She is a good singer... Well at least I think she is :) But 'Friday' is really stupid.

    Make a review on the movie 'Soul Surfer' or... Nancy Drew games. Hey! I am going to play one right now.