Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fall Fashion

Fall...the awkward season where you have no idea what to wear. Some mornings you wake up and your freezing other mornings you wake up sweating through your pajamas. What to wear, what to wear. That is the question I ask myself every day. Its not quite high knee boot weather yet but, flip flops were almost over. It is definitely not cold enough weather for huge marshmallow winter coats but a light jacket wouldn't hurt. Here are some great fall fashions for those confused people...like me. :)

Cardigans. A girls lifesaver. Who wants an ugly jacket when..you can have a CUTE cardigan. Here are some adorable ones from Forever 21.

Jeans... basically the most trans versatile clothing item on the planet. You can were them with a cute tank top in the spring, or a bulky turtle neck in the winter. The only question is are they right for fall...YES! This fall bright colored jeans are in! Also a fine clean cut straight jean. This year denim is big. Don't be afraid to go bold! Raid your moms closet for her jeans from the 70's or her denim jacket from the 90's. Be creative with it, and have fun!

First here are some adorable straight leg jeans from Pacsun. 

Bright colored jeans....if I were to say this 5 years ago people would of given me a creepy stare down. They were considered a fashion no no. But,...this year things have changed. Bright, fun colored jeans show self expression! They let you show your "true colors." Here are some from Delias that are worth checking out! These are just a few of the many colors they have! These bright colors are perfect for perking up a drowsy fall day.

When I saw boot cut what do you think of. The kind of jeans people wear  when they are just coming back from milking the cows or riding their horse. Well that would of been true....100 years ago! Boot cut jeans are a fashion must have! Skinny jeans are nice but, every once and a while you just need a pair of boot cute to even it out. Here are some great ones from Delias

The weather might be getting colder but, don't get out the wool sweaters just yet. Why not try a baseball shirt or a fun see through long sleeve paired with a bright tank top! Here are some amazing tops just right for fall from Forever 21

Now on to my absolute favorite piece of fall clothing...SHOES! When walking through the halls at school I see a lot of flip flops and gladiators even though it is early September. What are these girls thinking!? I know its not cold but, fall shoes are so cute! It is only her for a few months so I say were as many of those cute shoes as you can while the season is here. Fall is great for ankle booties and oxfords. Also loafers are huge right now. So go to your grandma and ask her if you can borrow her ancient loafers because trust me she has some. Here are some great fall shoes that can be found at Forever 21 and Bakers.


As I end this post I wanted to share some things with you. Here are some must haves for fall 2011~!

Mod Sunglasses. These glasses have modern attitude and look super chic when paired with pastels! 
Mod sunglasses
Polka Dot Dresses. Classic spots bring this vintage-inspired dress back with a bang!

High Heeled Loafers. This chic rendition of the classic loafer looks wonderful paired with ankle socks and a floral skirt. 

Thanks for reading! Remember that these are only a few of the many aspects of wonderful fall fashion. Be individual, where your fall fashion proudly. Make it bold, make it bright, make it YOURS! Have a good week! Love Grace :)

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