Friday, August 26, 2011

Retro Inspiration

Hey you all, or as some would say "y'all", (i'm not much of a country girl). Today at the school I go to it was retro day. Lets just say there was a lot of 80's inspired looks. You know what I mean...leg warmers, bright  head hurting colors, and of course fun colored tights. Some of you might wonder what is retro? Well I really didn't know so I googled it. :) The official definition for retro is: "of or designating the style of an earlier time." Wow good to know that since I am blogging about it. lol It seems like every store you go to they are advertising vintage clothes which is just another word for retro...I think. When you buy retro it doesn't have to be super expensive. You can get the retro/chic look without robbing you of all your money. So well I thought I would share with you guys some of my favorite classic vintage or so called retro clothes. So here are some of them :)

Here is a Retro Polka Dot Chiffon Dress from Delias. I litterally saw the exact dress at Urban Outfitters for $70 while this one is only $40! I love this classic design with the cute polka dots!

Here is a Neck Tie Blouse from Forever 21. The color is so pretty, and the neck tie is cute!

These are two adorable skirts from Forever 21. They both have a sweet retro vibe to them! Plus they are both under $15!

Have you ever heard of Mod Cloth? It is the cutest retro clothing site. Everything on the site is old fashion! . Although some of the items can be a little pricey, they still give you good ideas on cute clothes! There are so many things I like. Here are some of them :)

Lets just say that retro can not be summarized in just one blog post so I might just have to blog about it again later! I hope that I showed you guys some awesome ways to dress retro. Just remember that what ever you think is retro, it probably is! Yesterday's fashion is today's vintage! Email me at if you ever want be to blog about something you like! Happy August :) Love Grace

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