Sunday, November 6, 2011

This Book is Popular?

I'm sure many of you have heard about The Hunger Games, Twilight, Harry Potter duh they are like the most popular books in the whole entire world. Okay maybe not the whole world, but you get the point. they are pretty famous. Most of the time when you have a really popular book it is because it has a theme like vampires, werewolf's, wizards, witches. Take one of the most popular book series , A House of Night Novel Marked. Considering the series consists of about thirty billion books; Marked, Betrayed, Chosen, Untamed, Hunted, Tempted, Burned, and Awakened; so now you can see why it would take someone a  while to get started on them. Who wants to read a book where you are going to have to buy all of them, trust me they don't have them in many library's. Get the picture...

~One minute, sixteen-year-old Zoey Redbird is a normal teenager dealing with everyday high school stress: her cute boyfriend Heath, the school's star quarterback who suddenly seems more interested in partying than playing ball; her nosy frenemy Kayla, who's way too concerned with how things are going with Heath; her uber-tough geometry test tomorrow. The next, she's Marked as a fledgling vampyre, forcing her to leave her ordinary life behind and join the House of Night, a boarding school where she will train to become an adult vampyre. That is, if she makes it through the Change-and not all of those who are Marked do.~

Normally when I read a book and start to not like it I will at least finish it, that was not the case with this one. The main character was rude and insulting to everyone. She said countless bad remarks about goths, people who live in trailer parks, country people, girls who wear black eyeliner, Christians, and celebrities. If the MAIN character wasn't bad enough, the story had no plot! If you have a long series then the first one at least needs to be decent! Countless times does Zoey act like she doesn't have an ounce of "smart" in her. She meets some trashy boy and has one conversation with him, then of course they immediately start making out! Seriously!? He just said "Don't you think baby corn is scary?" I don't think I have ever heard such an amazing pickup line...NOT! Also if you enjoy very heavy profanity, very heavy sexual content, and a lot of violence, underage drinking, and use of drugs this is the book for you!

Even though I didn't like this book if you have read it before you might. Happy or not so happy reading :)

Marked (House of Night Series #1)Betrayed (House of Night Series #2)Chosen (House of Night Series #3)Untamed (House of Night Series #4)Hunted (House of Night Series #5)Tempted (House of Night Series #6)Burned (House of Night Series #7)Awakened (House of Night Series #8)

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