Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fantastic Floral Fashions

One huge thing in the fashion world today is floral print. Floral shirts, floral dresses, floral skirts and even floral shoes! Floral print is just in time for spring when bright colors and bold fashions are welcomed. Here are some great floral outfits for that inner flower goddess in all of us!

Ruche at Shopruche.com 
Playful Peonies Chiffon Dress
Hillcrest Roses Floral Dress
Love Listens Classic Rose Skirt
Modcloth at Modcloth.com 

Romance Author Dress
Ruellia Radiance Dress
Pastel the Time Skirt 

Delias at Delias.com 

Bella Dress
Floral Belted Shift Dress
Tropical Skirt


Have fun finding fun floral fashions! Love, Grace Elizabeth Nickols xoxo

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