Thursday, September 6, 2012

Perfect Peplum

The Peplum Waist...everyone is talking about and you see it on every runway. It's the flared waist on a skirt or dress that adds the perfect charm to any outfit! It seems these days that all of the celebrity's are wearing it and designers like Ruffian and Jason Wu are adding it to their fall lines. Check it out!

(Photo credit by: Little Black Beau and Life Unscripted)

Here are some great, affordable blouses from Modcloth with the peplum waist!

Gossamer and Gardenia Top - Cream, Tan / Cream, Lace, Short Sleeves, Peplum, Mid-length
Gossamer and Gardenia Top 

New Girl Courage Top in Colorblock - Green, Blue, Color Block, Casual, Short Sleeves, Peplum, Mid-length
   New Girl Courage Top 

Drinks and Appetizers Top - Orange, Blue, White, Print, Casual, Peplum, Sleeveless, Pleats, Summer, Mid-length
Drinks and Appetizers Top 

Piano Teacher Top - Short, Vintage Inspired, Cream, Bows, Lace, Ruffles, Work, 40s, Short Sleeves, Pearls
Piano Teacher Top 

Works like a Charm Dress - Short, Black, White, Lace, Peplum, Sleeveless, Work, Floral, 80s, Green, Ruffles, Pinup
Works Like A Charm Dress

Yacht Frock Dress - Blue, White, Print, 80s, Strapless, Fall, Peplum, Mid-length, Party
Yacht Frock Dress

Salt n Peplum Dress - Green, Black, White, Polka Dots, Party, Sleeveless, Peplum, Short, Backless, Summer
Salt N Peplum Dress

I hope you all have fun experimenting with the peplum style! Enjoy! Love, Grace Elizabeth Nickols..xoxo :)

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