Friday, August 31, 2012

A Charmed Life by Jenny B. Jones

What can I tell you about this series except that it is amazing...pure genius. You must read it.

A Charmed Life is a collection of three novels; So Not Happening, I'm So Sure, and So Over My Head. 

I first picked up So Not Happening at the Springfield Library's Book Sale (which I always go to with my best friend is kind of a tradition) and, to be honest I had no clue what it was about...I just thought the pig on the cover was cute. Plus, it was only 25 cents and I never pass up a good deal. :)

Isabella Kirkwood (better known as Bella) is not too thrilled when her mom marries a factory manager from a small town in Oklahoma. She is especially not excited about leaving her posh life of designer clothes, fancy cars, and her hot boyfriend in New York City. She now goes to a school were people don't even know the difference between Prada and Gucci..eww. When she thinks things couldn't get any worse she finds out Hunter (the hot boyfriend from NYC) is cheating on her with none other than her best friend. She decides to put all her anger aside and join the school's newspaper...where she meets Mr. Luke Sullivian.

Luke Sullivian. Oh Luke, can I marry you? He’s the most perfect guy I have ever read. So chivalrous and smart, and even though he likes Bella, he is not going to put up with her games. I love how dedicated he is, and certainly, I love his preppy style. Oh, and I can't forget, he looks like this...

Now picture Bella..(better yet know as me)...

Now picture them together...
It is such a perfect match...I can't even begin to explain. I have read this book so many times and each time I still get goosebumps anytime Bella and Luke are together..:) 

Okay, back to the book. Bella joins the newspaper and she gets put with a story about the football team. The story is dangerous, mysterious..and very suspenseful. Many times does she almost die..don't worry though, she doesn't (their are three books..duh). 

If you're not pulled in already let me just tell you that this book is a Christian book. She has Christian principles, their are not any cuss words, and she treats everyone with respect. 

I would defiantly recommend reading this book! You'll love it! 

Love, Grace Elizabeth Nickols..xoxo 


  1. Your picture with Luke just made me laugh out loud.
    Glad you enjoyed the book. Your Luke selection is spot on!

    1. Thank you! I really enjoyed writing this post!:)